Alex's Slip-box

These are my org-mode notes in sort of Zettelkasten style


Org-roam online manual See also Org-mode basics

# Settings

You can define these anywhere, but it makes sense to define them at the top along with the Org-mode Export Settings. See example in this file.

  • roam_alias is a title alias. Useful when finding files.
  • roam_tags is for categorization. Also useful when finding files.
  • roam_key is a reference. Shows notes with that reference as a link in the backlinks buffer.

# Capture Templates

Example with two templates.

(setq org-roam-capture-templates
      '(("d" "default" plain #'org-roam-capture--get-point "%?" :file-name "%<%Y%m%d%H%M%S>-${slug}" :head "#+title: ${title}\n" :unnarrowed t)
        ("t" "test" plain #'org-roam-capture--get-point "%?" :file-name "%<%Y%m%d%H%M%S>-${slug}" :head "#+title: ${title}\n" :unnarrowed t)))

# Linking Notes

  • org-roam-insert

One cool trick is to link to a heading in a note. After the filename add ::*Header Name.

[[*My heading][Note - My Heading]]