Alex's Slip-box

These are my org-mode notes in sort of Zettelkasten style

Emacs profiles

Have side-by-side emacs configurations. For example I have spacemacs, doom and vanilla emacs. Use Chemacs2. Just follow the instructions in the It’s really easy.

# My profile configuration

Example .emacs-profiles.el

(("default" . ((user-emacs-directory . "~/spacemacs")))
("spacemacs" . ((user-emacs-directory . "~/spacemacs")))
("doom"   . ((user-emacs-directory . "~/doom")))
("vanilla"   . ((user-emacs-directory . "~/.emacs.default"))))
  • This runs spacemacs, doom and vanilla emacs side-by-side
  • spacemacs is the default when no profile is specified.
  • Its nice to have shell aliases for these profiles, for example:

    alias sm="emacs --with-profile spacemacs"
    alias spacemacsbg="sm --daemon=spacemacs"
    alias spacemacsc="emacsclient --create-frame --no-wait --socket-name=spacemacs"
    alias spacemacs="spacemacsbg && spacemacsc"
    alias spacemacskill="emacsclient --socket-name=spacemacs -e '(kill-emacs)'"