Alex's Slip-box

These are my org-mode notes in sort of Zettelkasten style

Org-mode basics

This is a dump of notes on basic org-mode stuff. I recently switched from Boostnote to org-mode.

See also Org-roam stuff

# Headings

Rotate heading type (eg, TODO, DONE, etc) with:

  • C-c C-t
  • SPC m T T (spacemacs)

Expand and Collapse

  • Tab for a single heading
  • S-Tab for all of them

To change the collapse state ellipsis set variable:

(set-q org-ellipsis " ▼")

To remove the underline face on the ellipsis, you can use a hook:

(add-hook 'org-mode-hook (lambda () (set-face-underline 'org-ellipsis nil)))

# Tags

  • Puts tags on headings org-set-tags-command
  • Add multiple tags with : separator (eg, :tag1:tag2:)

# Properties

# Displaying images

  • Set image size

    #+attr_html: :width 500

    Make sure to have variable: org-image-actual-width nil. This will use the attribute size and fallback to actual.

# Displaying boundaries

Common use case is an 80 character column indicator. See Displaying boundaries docs

  • To change the column color set the face foreground:

    (set-face-foreground 'fill-column-indicator "pink")

# Source code

  • Eval with C-c C-c
  • Edit in another buffer (optional): C-c ' This is useful when writing code in source blocks. Indention will actually work properly. Editing-Source-Code docs
    • Save without closing it: C-x C-s

# Capture templates

# Export Settings

See the following for more on this topic.