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InterPlanetary File System

# Overview

  • Peer-to-peer network and protocol.
  • File contents are stored on distributed nodes.
  • Uses content addressing (ie, a hash of the file’s contents)
    • Still, there’s a naming system behind this called IPNS so a file can be found be either it’s hash or name.
  • Relies on the concept of pinning to persist files and prevent then from being garbage collected. Pinning can be done on your local IPFS node you can use pay for a 3rd party service like Pinata.
  • Users can interact with IPFS with a CLI or the Desktop app.
  • You can host static websites on IPFS.

# My Take on this

  • This could be considered a data layer for the internet.
  • The pinning concept is strange. With 3rd party services, we’re back to just cloud storage like DropBox, so what gives?
  • Using IPFS for NFTs seems risky. What if I lose my node or the 3rd party service goes out of business?

# Resources