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24 word mnemonic to secret key

This example uses the bip39 JS library so it can be used in the context of a web app. Also, it uses the Stellar SDK, but could be adapted to any wallet SDK I think.

Basically, what I wanted to figure out was how can a crypto account be imported into a wallet application using a 24 word mnemonic phrase. It took me a few hours to figure this out. I relied on the following resources:

# Resources

# Example

This code snippet something I did in a VueJS project. It restores a public/private key pair from a mnemonic phrase.

import * as stellarSdk from "stellar-sdk";
import * as bip39 from "bip39";

// . . .

const phrase = '' // set to a 24 word prhase from user input
const wordlist = bip39.wordlists["english"];
const rawSecret = bip39.mnemonicToEntropy(phrase, wordlist);
const secret = stellarSdk.Keypair.fromRawEd25519Seed(
  Buffer.from(rawSecret, "hex")