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Hotwire rails

# What is this?

Hotwire is a way of building web applications that, at its core, is about sending server rendered HTML over “this wire” (ie, HTTP or websocket). It is composed of three things:

  1. Turbo: This is really the main thing. With this library alone, we can do HTML over the wire.
  2. Stimulus: A JS framework that doesn’t care about rendering stuff, but rather with dynamic behavior typical of an SPA.
  3. Strada: something to do with mobile – not sure. As now this moment it has not been made public

See for all the libraries.

# Add to Rails application

Add the hotwire-rails gem. Follow the instructions in the Readme.


  • This appears to basically be a wrapper for turbo-rails and stimulus-rails.
  • The hotwire:install rake task will yarn add both NPM packages @hotwired/turbo-rails and stimulus.

# Resources