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I use Linux, so if not mentioned specifically below, any instructions will be for Linux (Ubuntu/Pop_os distro).

# Software

# AutoStakkert For Stacking. Windows only but runs fine using Wine.

# Guides

# DeepSkyStacker

# FireCapture

For capturing. There is a Linux version that supports a limited set of cameras.

# KStars

Linux, Windows and MacOS versions.

To install this for Ubuntu/Pop_os follow these instructions. Yes, you’ll need kstars-bleeding.

Full featured astronomy software. Free and open source. Includes Ekos astrophotography suite. Apparently it can control many different devices as long as they have an INDI driver.

If a device doesn’t have an INDI driver, it is possible to make one. See INDI developer guide.

See also Kstarts handbook

# Ekos

Part of Kstars and can control stuff like mounts, cameras, etc. It will need INDI to be installed with 3rd party drivers. See also (Follow steps 1 and 2).

See Ekos setup instructions

To run Ekos just start kstars from the terminal kstars and click the ekos button


# UVC Web Cameras Driver

This is used for Celestron NexImage cameras


Used for pre-processing images/videos before stacking them. It’s a Windows application but there are instructions for installing on Linux with Wine.

# RegiStax6

Stacking and image processing. It seems like the recommendation is to use AutoStakkert for stacking and RegiStax for image processing (eg, wavelet processing).

# Resources

# Hardware

# Eyepieces

# Magnification

Magnification = Objective Focal Length / Eyepiece Focal Length

# True Field of View

TFOV = AFOV (apparent field of view) / Magnification

# StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ


  • Reflector

# Cameras

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