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These are my org-mode notes in sort of Zettelkasten style


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For some of these commands, use the -n flag to specify the namespace if the namespace wasn’t already set with set-context

Description Command
Get namespaces kubectl get ns
Set namespace kubectl config set-context –current –namespace=foo
Show config kubectl config view
Show current namespaces kubectl config view (then grep namespace)
Show current context kubectl config current-context
Set current context kubectl config use-context foo
Remove context kubectl config unset
Get all pods kubectl get pods
Exec kubectl exec -it mypod – bash
Get deployment info kubectl get deployments foo -o yaml

# Recipes

# forward a port

kubectl port-forward --namespace foospace $(kubectl get pods --namespace foospace --selector "app=mssql" --output=name) 1433:1433

This executes an inner command to get the pod name from a selector.

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