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These are my org-mode notes in sort of Zettelkasten style

My audio setup

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# Diagram

# Midi Clock

Midi clock signal is generated by the Red Sound Voyager 1 from the Xone:43 booth output. The clock signal is routed into Ardour where is it used for syncing FXs. The clock isn’t reliable enough for drum machines, but good enough for FXs.

# Mixxx

Mixxx is used for playing tracks in external mixer mode. Each deck’s audio is routed to a corresponding channel in Ardour.

# Ardour

Each channel in Ardour has a High and Low pass filter to emulate the Model 1. I love mixing with filters, but won’t pay that much for a mixer. Each channel also has an external FX send for using the Poly Effects Beebo, and two internal FX sends for using various VST plugins (eg, delay and reverb). FXs can be synced to the midi clock signal generated by the Red Sound Voyager.

# Midi control

Both the Xone:K2 and the Midi Fighter Twister are used to control everything in Mixxx, Ardour and some stuff on the Beebo.

See also my Ardour midi binding map.

# Setup script

I use a script symlinked into a location in my path so I can just type pmixxx to start the programs and make the pipewire connections.

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