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Change column default value


# Key points

  • Default values are treated like constraints
  • Therefore, changing a default value means dropping and recreating the constraint with the new value.
  • If the default value was declared inline (ie, without a constraint name), then you need to look up the constraint name somehow.
  • See also sys-default-constraints docs
-- Look up and store the existing contraint name
DECLARE @constraint_name VARCHAR(100) = (
  SELECT dc."name" FROM sys.default_constraints dc
  WHERE dc.parent_object_id = object_id('SomeTable')
    AND dc.parent_column_id = (SELECT column_id FROM sys.columns WHERE name = 'some_column' AND object_id = object_id('SomeTable'))

-- Drop the existing constraint
EXEC('ALTER TABLE SomeTable DROP CONSTRAINT ' + @constraint_name + ';');

-- Add new column default constraint (and name it this time)
ADD CONSTRAINT DF_some_column_default_true DEFAULT (1) FOR some_column

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