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YAML::Store, Marshal and storing data

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Need to store data or objects to be used later? Maybe as a file or in a document database? This could help.

# Storing data in YAML

# YAML lib

I think to_yaml is from the Psych library. See Psych#dump for options that can be passed to to_yaml

require 'yaml'
Person = :first_name, :last_name
people = ["Bob", "Smith"),"Mary", "Johnson")]

yaml = people.to_yaml
# => "---\n- !ruby/struct:Person\n  first_name: Bob\n  last_name: Smith\n- !ruby/struct:Person\n  first_name: Mary\n  last_name: Johnson\n"

YAML.safe_load(yaml, permitted_classes: [Person, Symbol])
# => => [#<struct Person first_name="Bob", last_name="Smith">, #<struct Person first_name="Mary", last_name="Johnson">]

# In a file

require 'yaml''things.yml', 'w') do |file|
  YAML.dump(["banana", "coffee", "skittles"], file)
friends = YAML.load('things.yml'))

# YAML::Store

This is the basic example from the docs, however, I found that in Ruby 3.1 errors such as Tried to load unspecified class: Person (Psych::DisallowedClass) were raised. In order to work around it, used safe_load and permitted classes option.

require 'yaml/store'
Person = :first_name, :last_name
people = ["Bob", "Smith"),"Mary", "Johnson")
store = "" # creates a file
store.transaction do
  store["people"]   = people  
  store["greeting"] = { "hello" => "world" }
data = YAML.safe_load(''), permitted_classes: [Person, Symbol])

# Formatting YAML values

See this this SO post

# Storing data using Marshal

This stores data in a binary format. The data is turned into a byte stream.'friends.sav', 'w') do |file|
  Marshal.dump(["fred", "bert", "mary"], file)
friends = Marshal.load('friends.sav'))


It’s worth noting that JSON could be used as well. And I think it’s faster. In this case, we can determine how an object is serialized by defining the as_json. The JSON parsed results could be passed to an initializer to create a new object with the same data.

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