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see also pulseaudio


qpwgraph works just like qjackctl

# Scripting

# pw-link

Manage IO connections. Takes the place of jack_connect, jack_disconnect and jack_lsp

# Issues

# Volume very low

# Set volume using a mixer tool

  • alsamixer

    Use alsamixer tool and set the output gain to whatever.

  • pavucontrol

    Pipewire works with Pulse audio, so pavucontrol should work as well. In fact, I had better luck with this to set the volume level my Xone k2

  • amixer

    Like alsamixer, but CLI only (no TUI)

# Multiple sound cards

By default pipewire handles multiple sound cards timing by resampling. In pavucontrol you can set the Pro Audio profile on the card which, amonng other things will assume all devices share the same clock.

# Timing

Instead of letting pipewire handle timing by resampling, which I found to be less than perfect, we can use a module-loopback to introduce a delay on one or more devices.

See also pulseaudio for how to set that up

# Troubleshooting

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