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These are my org-mode notes in sort of Zettelkasten style


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# Midi

# Midi Smoothing

Control surfaces > Generic MIDI > Smoothing

This is kind of like soft takeover except can be a value from 10 to 127. It is 10 by default meaning that fast motions on a midi controller will cause the controller and ardour to become out of sync. Set to 127 to be able to do fast motions

# Midi clock setup

  • Pipe the clock source into Ardour’s MIDI Control In port
  • Configuration in Preference > Transport
  • Click on Int. button (enable/disable external position sync) on the left in tool bar. This will allow the midi clock to lead Ardour. In order to begin play, a midi play signal will need to be sent. On the RedSound Voyager, this is the FUN/PAUSE button

# Midi control learn

CTRL Middle Click on the paramter. You should see a message that says “operate midi controller now” or something.

# Midi control mapping

# Plugin mapping

<Binding channel="1" ctl="5"   uri="/route/plugin/parameter D1B1 1 20"/>

The URI consists of the path, track or bus name, plugin number and finally plugin paramter number. You can find the plugin parameter number by R clicking on the plugin and selecting inline paramters. Then count the params from top to bottom

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