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These are my org-mode notes in sort of Zettelkasten style


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# Basic example

Use this in order to restore by using psql. See also psql for how to restore.

pg_dump --dbname mydatabase --no-owner --no-privileges --file dump.sql

# Using pg_restore?

Use the -Fc flag (format-custom) to dump to a file whose format is suitable for using pg_restore.

When using pg_restore you can use some of the same flags, like --data-only if you don’t want to restore schema. Also, --disable-triggers can be useful if you need to skip constraint checks.

# Only want data?

Use --data-only flag.

# Only want certain tables?

Use -t flag (this matches against a pattern, so you can use * wildcards)

pg_dump --dbname mydatabase --no-owner --no-privileges -t users --file dump.sql

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